3D Digital Scanner Dentistry

Our office uses the iTero Digital Scanner, which offers an alternative to traditional dental impressions. Using a hand-held wand that optically scans the area of interest to create a digital 3D model, you won’t have to undergo the unpleasant taste of impression material, the excessive salivation while the impression is taken, and it reduces the anxiety that is associated with gagging. The scan aids with many areas of our practice, including fabrication of night guards, crowns, veneers, surgical guides, and other dental appliances

By creating an impression that is 100 percent digital, the impression may be transmitted securely and electronically to a remote dental laboratory facility, which precisely mills the dental appliance or models. Using this patented 3-D digital technology enables us and the dental laboratory, to create dental models and appliances with unmatched precision and accuracy which reduces your time in the dental chair and creates a superior fit for the dental appliance.

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