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Dental implants are placed in the jawbone as a foundation for replacement teeth that look and perform like natural teeth. Anyone with missing teeth knows how it can affect their ability to eat, smile, and feel comfortable with their appearance. Unfortunately, missing teeth also leads to jawbone deterioration and other health concerns. Dental implants are a permanent solution that looks and feels like natural teeth.

What is a Dental Implant?

The implant is a titanium screw or post placed in the jawbone in place of a missing tooth’s root. Over several months, the surrounding bone fuses with the titanium, becoming a stable base for artificial teeth such as crowns or dental prostheses. Once the dental implant has fully bonded with the jawbone, the visible portion of the replacement tooth is attached to the implant. Once placed, a dental implant can last a lifetime, restoring your ability to chew, smile, and enjoy life without worry.

Depending on how many teeth are missing and the jawbone’s condition, there are several dental implant options. These include:

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants must be placed with precision. An initial consultation includes a thorough exam of the mouth’s teeth, jaw, and soft tissues, x-rays and 3D imaging, and a review of your medical history to determine if implants are right for you. We will develop a treatment plan and discuss anesthesia options with you before proceeding.

Some patients, particularly those whose teeth have been missing for any length of time, may not have sufficient bone mass in the jaw for dental implants. However, bone grafting can build up the area and encourage new bone growth for many individuals. If we believe bone grafts are needed, we will discuss this option with you at your initial appointment.

Dr. Erez Nosrati, our dental implant specialist, carefully places the implants using computer-aided surgical guides for precise alignment and perfect placement. Over the following months, the jawbone fuses with the implants. We can provide temporary teeth for this time period so you can continue to smile and eat through the process.

Once the implants have successfully bonded with the jawbone, Dr. Erez will uncover the implants to attach a healing collar. During this time, Dr. Irene Nosrati will begin designing and crafting your crowns or fixed dentures based on 3D imaging scans of your mouth. Once these are attached to the implants, your replacement teeth are complete. The entire process may take as long as 7-10 months, but the results can last a lifetime.

What are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the most attractive, natural-looking replacement for missing teeth available. With proper care, the implants can last a lifetime. The replacement crown or prosthetic can last 20 years or more and is easily replaced without having to remove the titanium screw in the jawbone. Other advantages include:

  • Implants require no extra care beyond brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups.
  • Implants are fixed and permanent, so you do not have to worry about slipping, shifting, or loose dentures.
  • No one will know they are not your natural teeth.
  • There is no need to remove your dentures at night.
  • Dental implants help preserve your facial contours.
  • Implants stimulate new bone growth and prevent jawbone deterioration.
  • If you still have some natural teeth, they are not damaged or disturbed by having implants to replace missing teeth.
  • The implants provide full bite force without your replacement teeth putting pressure on your gums (a concern with dentures).
  • No need for periodic relining or adjustments, unlike dentures.
  • Dental implants do not develop cavities.

If you are interested in the possibility of dental implants to replace missing teeth and restore your smile, contact us at La Jolla Dental Boutique Office Phone Number 858-459-4113 or use our easy online form to schedule an appointment. Drs. Erez and Irene Nosrati can answer all your dental implant questions.

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Highly recommend Other than heaving a great dentist as dr Irene, who worked Magic’s with the digital crowns The ability to have a team of restorative dentist and a periodontist , dr Erez Nosrati who removed the teeth and installed the implants gave me an amazing experience during the entire treatment.

- Shalom M

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